C++ Foundations – Building Your Programming Journey from the Ground Up

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Welcome to our comprehensive C++ course designed for beginners! Whether you're new to programming or looking to expand your skills, this course is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals of the C++ programming language.

In this course, you'll start with the basics, learning how to write and understand simple C++ programs. From there, you'll delve into more advanced topics, exploring key concepts such as variables, data types, control flow, functions, arrays, pointers, and object-oriented programming (OOP) principles.

Through a combination of hands-on exercises, practical examples, and real-world projects, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to write clean, efficient, and effective C++ code. Along the way, you'll also learn essential programming practices, debugging techniques, and best practices for writing maintainable code.


  • 4 Sections
  • 31 Lessons
  • 8 Quizzes
  • 4h 46m Duration
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Level I
12 Lessons4 Quizzes
  1. Introduction to C++
  2. IDLE Installation for C++
  3. C++ Fundamentals
  4. Input and Output Statement in C++
  5. Comments in C++
  6. Using namespace std - Reason
  7. Datatypes in C++
  8. Operators in C++ - Part I
  9. Operators in C++ - Part II
  10. Strings in C++
  11. Special Characters in C++
  12. String Operators in C++
  13. Fundamentals - Quiz
  14. Level I - Quiz
  15. Operators - Quiz
  16. String Quiz
Level II
5 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. If, Else, Else if Statement
  2. For Loop in C++
  3. While and Do While loop
  4. Jump Statements
  5. Switch Statement in C++
  6. Control Structure - Quiz
Level III
7 Lessons2 Quizzes
  1. Arrays - Single Dimensional Array - Part I
  2. Arrays - Single Dimensional Array - Part II
  3. Arrays - Two Dimensional Array
  4. Structure in C++
  5. Functions in C++
  6. Recursive Function
  7. Pointer in C++
  8. Arrays - Quiz
  9. Functions - Quiz
Object Oriented Programming
7 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. Class and Object - Introduction
  2. Class and Object - Part II
  3. Scope Resolution Operator
  4. Constructor
  5. Inheritance
  6. Types of Inheritance
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Class and Object - Quiz
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